Strength & Speed

Ep 90: Navy SEAL Mindset with Mark James & The Quest for the Holy Grail

May 26, 2019

Former Navy SEAL and current BUD/S Instructor Mark James talks with Evan about his pro triathlete career, his amateur cycling career, the difference between SEAL students that finish compared to those that quit and how he is still achieving success as a Masters athlete.  Plus, they talk Mark's current quest for the most Holy Grail Miles (cumulative total of Tougher, Toughest and World's Toughest Mudder miles in a calendar year).  Also includes a review of Toughest Mudder East (Philly), Toughest Mudder UK and Evan's good idea for Age Group awards (pay attention TMHQ). 


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Music provided by Marc Capaldo of Madison Ambush