Strength & Speed

Ep 53: Off Season (Injury/Motivation) & Early Races (100 mile Treadmill Run, Battlegrounds, Terrain, Savage, Toughest Mudder, CTG)

June 18, 2018

Evan and Brenna catch up on this episode of the S&S podcast.  They talk about their off-season including dealing with a loss in motivation and how Evan hurt himself walking on a rolling PVC pipe (no it's not what you think).  Then they get into early races including Evan's 100 mile treadmill run, 2xToughest Mudders (UK & MI) and Terrain Tulsa.  Brenna shares her experiences at the final Battlegrounds, Savage Race and of course, the first Conquer The Gauntlet of 2018.


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Music provided by Marc Capaldo of Madison Ambush.