Strength & Speed

Ep 28: Chris Maltbie & Toughest Mudder HQ

October 1, 2017

6th Place Finisher (95 miles) from World's Toughest Mudder 2016 Chris Maltbie talks with Evan Perperis about his job at Tough Mudder Headquarters and what it is like to balance the life of an elite Obstacle Course Racer while also working in the industry.  Evan also asks Chris about the location of WTM 2017, the expansion of Toughest Mudder next year and Chris hints at the recent announcement of the Tougher Mudder Championship (recorded before that announcement was made public).  Finally, Evan requests three pieces of WTM merch....which everyone should harass TMHQ about ;) 


This episode brought to you by Merrell.  The official shoe of Tough Mudder, the All Out Crush, also has a line of trail shoes that are perfect for OCR.  They don't hold water weight, have no insole and are durable.  

Intro/Outro from Marc Capaldo and Madison Ambush