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Ep 164: Indian Mud Run with Men’s Champion Spartan Pro Logan Broadbent & CTG Pro Jenny Overstreet

July 8, 2021

Spartan Pro and men's champion from Indian Mud Run Logan Broadbent joins Conquer The Gauntlet Pros Jenny Overstreet and Evan Perperis to talk Indian Mud Run.  The two dive into the details of the race, what they thought of the 85 obstacles, how hard was the 3 lap chief's challenge, which obstacles were scary, which ones were hard and more.  It's an all Indian Mud Run episode with world champion boomerang thrower Logan Broadbent (go back and listen to the last episode we had him on for details and check out the Dude Perfect video below).


Logan/Dude Perfect's Boomerang Trick Shots Video:


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