Strength & Speed OCR: Obstacle Course Racing Lessons From Other Sports

Ep 148: The Very Unofficial Muddies & The Best of 2020

December 28, 2020

Without Mud Run Guide's annual Muddies awards, a couple members from the staff took it upon themselves to talk through some of their favorites for the year.  Despite limited racing, there was still a ton of stuff happening and so much we had to breeze over some topics.  Spread the positivity and pick up the gaps we left on our Facebook page by leaving some of your favorites underneath this podcast post.  We tried to mention any brand that we think someone in the OCR industry would enjoy and tried to get outside of our natural biases as much as we could.  We hope you enjoy and continue to support brands that support our sport.

Athletes on the podcast include Amie Jacobs, Kathleen Davis, AC Hale, Doug Snyder, Lisa Nondorf, Alexis Matera and Evan Perperis.


Topics include:


1. Best Positive OCR Moment

2. Best Race with Three or More Live Events

3. Best Race with One or Two Live Events

4. Most Entertaining OCR Male on Social Media

5. Most Entertaining OCR Female on Social Media

6. Best Temporary Pivot From OCR

7. Best Inspirational OCR Personality

8. Most Impressive OCR Physical Accomplishment

9. Best Home OCR Training Tool

10. Best OCR Training Supplement

11. Best OCR Recovery Tool

12. Best OCR Recovery Supplement

13. Best OCR Writer

14. Best OCR Podcast

15. Best OCR Video Content Producer

16. Best Training/Racing OCR Shoes

17. Best New Obstacle

18. Best Virtual Event (Short Course)

19. Best Endurance Virtual Event (5+ hours or 20+ Miles)

20. Best European Event with One or More Live Events in 2020

21. Best International Event with One or More Live Events in 2020

22. Best Motivational Group-Reason

23. Best OCR Training Gym

24. Best OCR Permanent Course

25. Event Looking Forward to the Most in 2021


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Music provided by Dino Sinos


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