Strength & Speed OCR: Obstacle Course Racing Lessons From Other Sports

Ep 147: 2020 & The Pivot

December 19, 2020

Regardless where you live int he country, 2020 had less races for you than you had originally planned.  This left OCR athletes with an option to pivot to other interests and opportunities that could improve their OCR performance in the future.  In our largest podcast yet we bring on:

-6x American Ninja Warrior Amy "Magic" Pajcic

-CTG Co-owner  and Conquer Youth owner David Mainprize

-Battle OCR owner Sid Morris

-S&S athlete Ian Periera

-S&S athlete & CTGFamily AC Hale

-CTG Pro Team Power Couple Doug Snyder & Lisa Nondorf

Lots of topics covered in a short time and lots of options for how you can stay motivated including topics like ultra-running, climbing, martial arts, permanent OCR facilities, becoming a race director, building race courses and lots more.


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