Strength & Speed OCR: Obstacle Course Racing Lessons From Other Sports

Ep 137: A Cheerleader, a Mermaid & a Bigfoot Hunter Walk Up to a Bar

August 28, 2020

This all Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team episode features the newest female Pro, Jenny Overstreet.  Jenny has been winning all the races that come through Kansas City over the last several years and won her Age Group at 2019 North American OCR Championships 15k.  She talks with Ultra-OCR Man Evan Perperis and guest co-host Lisa Nondorf fresh off her first CTG win.  The episode gets a little weird at the end with surprising facts about the teammates.  (Podcast Clarification: Gigantopithecus lived sometime between 2.5 million years ago and 11,500 years ago.)


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Music provided by Dino Sinos

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