Ep 45: TMX Podium Finisher Kevin Righi & Crossfit for OCR Athletes

March 18, 2018

3rd place finisher at Tough Mudder X, Kevin Righi, joins Evan to talk about his training leading up to an epic finish at the first TMX event, his plans for 2018 and how Crossfit relates to OCR training.  


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Ep 44: Unbroken Adriane Alvord & Dressage/Ultra-OCR Training

March 8, 2018

Ep44: Ultra-OCR athlete and owner of Adriane Alvord Dressage joins Evan and Brenna for a episode full of laughs.  Adriane talks about dressage the lessons learned from a surprisingly dangerous sport and how it translates to OCR.  Brenna and Adriane also discuss upcoming TV shows as well as historical performances in BattleFrog including the one and only BFX 24.  


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Ep 43: OCRWC Founder Adrian Bijanada & American OCR Association

February 28, 2018

Founder of OCR World Championships, Adrian Bijanada, joines Evan to discuss the plethora of OCR acronyms and the future of the sport.  They discuss the recent creation of the American Obstacle Course Racing Association, if the International OCR Union is still around, how he views Obstacle Sports Racing Federation and more.  The episode ends with Adrian providing teasers of his three championship events, Enduro 24 in Australia, NORAM in Vermont and OCRWC in UK.


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Ep 42: S&S Athlete Chris Balven & The Abominable Snow Race

February 18, 2018

Strength & Speed Dev Team and Battle Corps Athlete Christopher Balven joins Evan to talk abou their first race of 2018, The Abominable Snow Race in Lake Geneva, WI.  Also in this episode Chris talks about Dirt Runner's DRX Games (an OCR Skills competition in Marseilles, IL), the expanding local OCR scene in Wisconsin Area (Highlander, Frontline) and the first OCR buyout of The Battlegrounds.  Evan chimes in with his solution to bigger brands buying up local venues.


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Bonus1: Winter Olympics Special with Marco Bedard

February 7, 2018
In our first ever bonus podcast, NorthmanRace's Marco Bédard joins Evan to talk behind the scenes at the Winter Olympics just in time for 2018's opening ceremonies in South Korea. As a biathlete at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Marco had a behind the scenes look at the experience, the training, the support, the ceremonies and he even shares some thoughts on the wild post-Olympic parties.
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Ep 41: Hybrid Athlete Corinna Coffin the TMX & Broken Skull Champion

February 7, 2018

Tough Mudder X Champion, reigning Broken Skull Champion and former BattleFrog Pro Corinna Coffin joins Evan and Brenna to talk how she trains to win everything from Crossfit competitions to top level Obstacle Course Races.  Also, Brenna gets her first taste as solo podcast host halfway through the episode.  For more information on Corinna and her training read about her in an interview in the back of "Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite OCR".


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Ep 40: Luc Labonte & an OCR Athlete’s Diet

January 30, 2018

Nutritionist and Strength & Speed Athlete Luc Labonte joins Evan for a discussion on popular diets and the benefits/negative aspects of using them for an OCR athlete's diet.  If you enjoy this episode don't miss the S&S articles section of the website which includes several articles by Luc with another one publishing next month.  


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Ep 39: Marco Bedard & The Northman

January 10, 2018

Former Canadian Olympic Biathlete, former BattleFrog Pro Team Athlete and owner of the Northman race Marco Bedard joins Evan to discuss starting his own race series.  Includes details about the unique aspects of the Northman race, the Northman marathon, how his series has a historical background, the Northman Team and future plans for the race series 


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Ep 38: Jarrett Newby & Motocross/Newbsanity’s Worst Birthday Ever

January 1, 2018

Owner of Binghamton, NY's permanent OCR facility Newbsanity, Jarrett Newby joins Evan for an episode talking about lessons learned from motocross that can be applied to OCR, his top ten finish at both 3k OCR World Championships and the 24 hour long World's Toughest Mudder and Newbsanity's Worst Birthday Ever.  Worst Birthday Ever is kind of like Death Race but you are treated the worst and your family/friends can watch.  Plus, Jarrett shares his tradition of his off podium finisher pictures.


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Ep 37: Allison Tai & Spartan’s 24 hr Iceland Race

December 21, 2017

In a uniquely formatted episode, one of the best Ultra-OCR athletes Allison Tai joins host Evan Perperis for a pre/post race interview regarding Spartan's 24 hour Iceland World Championship race.  The first 20 minutes were recorded a week before the race and the second half of the episode was recorder a week and a half after the race.  Allison talks expectations, performance and how it all played out.


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