Ep 39: Marco Bedard & The Northman

January 10, 2018

Former Canadian Olympic Biathlete, former BattleFrog Pro Team Athlete and owner of the Northman race Marco Bedard joins Evan to discuss starting his own race series.  Includes details about the unique aspects of the Northman race, the Northman marathon, how his series has a historical background, the Northman Team and future plans for the race series 


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Ep 38: Jarrett Newby & Motocross/Newbsanity’s Worst Birthday Ever

January 1, 2018

Owner of Binghamton, NY's permanent OCR facility Newbsanity, Jarrett Newby joins Evan for an episode talking about lessons learned from motocross that can be applied to OCR, his top ten finish at both 3k OCR World Championships and the 24 hour long World's Toughest Mudder and Newbsanity's Worst Birthday Ever.  Worst Birthday Ever is kind of like Death Race but you are treated the worst and your family/friends can watch.  Plus, Jarrett shares his tradition of his off podium finisher pictures.


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Ep 37: Allison Tai & Spartan’s 24 hr Iceland Race

December 21, 2017

In a uniquely formatted episode, one of the best Ultra-OCR athletes Allison Tai joins host Evan Perperis for a pre/post race interview regarding Spartan's 24 hour Iceland World Championship race.  The first 20 minutes were recorded a week before the race and the second half of the episode was recorder a week and a half after the race.  Allison talks expectations, performance and how it all played out.


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Ep 36: OCR & Doping II: Human Lie Detector

December 13, 2017

In what will most likely be our most controversial and downloaded episode ever, Evan uses his personal experiences from Iraq and research done on tells of lie detection to analyze the Ryan Woods failed doping result from OCR World Championships 2017.   Thanks to the Obstacle Racing Media and Link Endurance podcasts for the use of their audio.  


Episode brought to you by Strength & Speed, if you are looking for more information by Evan, check out his book on preparing and racing OCR.

Outro music provided by Marc Capaldo and Madison Ambush.


Ep 35: Margaret Schlachter & the 1st Pro OCR Athlete

December 2, 2017

Editor in Chief of Mud Run Guide and the 1st Pro OCR Athlete, Margaret Schlachter gives Brenna and Evan a history lesson in the sport of OCR.  If you are curious about the early days of the sport, what the first Spartan Race ever was like and how Margaret made the leap from a hobby to a full time job racing/in the media, this episode is a must listen.


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Ep 34: OCR & Doping

November 22, 2017

The day of recording, Ryan Woods became the first athlete in OCR to fail a drug test.  He said he accidentally confused DHEA with DHA.  Nutritionist Luc Labonte and trainer Jared Renyer join Evan to talk about this news, providing their opinions and what is the likelihood of this happening to someone.  This was easily the most uncomfortable and hardest topic to talk about on air but we at S&S view it as necessary.  Education is the first step in anti-doping and we hope this podcast helps more than it hurts.


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Ep33: Wesley Kerr & the Miles of World’s Toughest Mudder

November 18, 2017

2nd place team at World's Toughest mudder (WTM), Team Merrell, consisting of Wesley "Dr. Red Tights" Kerr and Evan Perperis discuss their startegy, pacing, fueling and performance at the biggest 24 hour Ultra-OCR in the world.  In this special episode, Miles Keller joins in the discussion (aka takes control over most of the podcast) to find out what WTM was like and interviews the team.  Stick around to the end to hear a special shout out to Sue Harvey Brown and Merrell.


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Ep 32: Jared Renyer & OCR Off-Season

November 7, 2017

Owner of JRen Fitness and personal trainer Jared Renyer talks OCR off-season training.  Lots of great tips in this episode including what to work on in your off-season, specific movements to improve rig skills, isolation movements to build an overall stronger body and whether you should be training with weights as an OCR athlete.  Plus, Evan picks Jared's brain on Spartan's new age group categories.


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Ep 31: More Miles & Breaking OCRWC News

November 6, 2017

Cohost of the Link Endurance podcast joins Evan again to discuss the latest news in OCR.  Main topic of conversation is the announcemetn of OCRWC location and changes to the USOCRC for 2018.  Also, the podcast is so good, Miles names his first born son after Evan.


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Ep30: Amy “Magic” Majcic & the her OCRWC WTM ANW CTG Legend Status

October 17, 2017

BOOM! Another all CTG Pro Team Episode featuring the only woman to stand on the overall podium of both OCRWC and WTM, Amy "Magic" Pajcic.  Amy talks about Mud Ninja, Black Swamp Dash, Indian Mud Run, her experiences on ANW and how she maintains her fitness as a veterinarian.


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